Matra has been widely appreciated for its revolutionary skincare especially the Lip Balms and the masks. The brand has been featured in highly respected and followed websites such as NDTV, Scoopwhoop, Popxo, Urbanclap and Stylecraze.

It was also a very proud moment for the Founders to have Matra selected as one of top few startups of India to be represented at the Start up India Pavillion at the India International Trade Fair 2017, by the Start up India Foundation.

Without any hefty marketing budgets, the brand has been able to spread across the whole country and create a visibility for itself.
The reviews of the products have been very positive and the products have been able to win the hearts and trust of the Indian market.

Our unique value propositions in offering luxurious quality in affordable pricing set us apart from everyone else and help us win the heart and trust of our highly valued customers.