Matra is the life-dream and purpose of a brother-sister duo located in Delhi, India. Founded by the siblings, Gunjan Sachdeva and Angad Arora, it is an effort towards the development of pure, non-toxic and healthy skincare. In the times of wide contamination, pollution and distorted knowledge, we study and research the best possible concoctions and ensure the delivery of well formulated, safe and efficient skincare products.

Matra aims to reap the brilliance of nature to create skincare products and to establish a connect between all the generations and across borders through a common sutra of Nature.

With our Revolutionary, Ethically Natural and Traditionally Modern bath and beauty range, we seek to fulfil the holistic skincare needs of our consumers. Our unparalleled products provide for a complete body pampering regimen resulting in the accomplishment of healthy and nourished skin! Our product line is developed by focusing on using the finest natural and hi-tech ingredients in their formulations.

Our entire range is Paraben and SLS free. Matra is a CRUELTY – FREE brand. Our products are never tested on animals.

Gunjan Sachdeva
Gunjan SachdevaCo-Founder, R&D & Marketing
Gunjan Sachdeva, a quintessential nature lover is the brain behind the brand. Her passion for healthy beauty products and nature together led to the introduction of this range of safe and non-toxic skincare. She loves working her ways around natural ingredients and giving her creative side a challenge by concocting recipes for beauty and grooming. With a background in Chemistry from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi followed by Masters in Business Administration with her majors in Marketing, developing skin care was a natural flow for her in her career to infuse her love for laboratory with her vision for the corporate.
Angad Arora
Angad AroraCo-Founder, Sales & Technology
Angan Arora, a young entrepreneur takes home the credit of being involved with several manufacturers of Made in India products in taking them online and giving a boost to their sales. A serial Startup Founder, Angad has already been involved in running and successfully establishing an IT firm and a customized mobile and household accessories brand as well. His vision is to take technology to the technologically impaired Indian manufacturers and bring them at par with the international brands taking advantage of the fast increasing online universe. Being the Head of Technology at Matra, it has been his consistent efforts that have yielded the successful sales and marketing execution for this startup.