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About Us

Matra is a Luxuriously Natural Skincare brand engaged in the development of pure, non-toxic and healthy skincare with global standards and a ritzy use experience. 

With our Revolutionary, Ethically Natural and Traditionally Modern product range, we seek to fulfill the holistic skin care needs of our consumers. Our unparalleled skincare provides for a warm pampering experience resulting in healthy and youthful skin. 

We believe that nature has in store the most reliable recipes of good health and hygiene and hence, we seek to dig in to the ancient scriptures and traditions all over the world in order to find the best and the safest methods of skin care. Our products provide a series of age-old recipes handcrafted and improved according to the present day environment and packaged to give convenience and pleasure of use to our customers.

We are constantly engaged in creating Pure and Natural Skin Care for our customers in the most environment friendly manner. We understand the need to appear beautiful and believe that it is totally possible to do so even without the use of harsh products on the skin.  

Beauty care can be fun too! We would love to create products you can pamper your skin with. 

We love doing what we do and hope to make you fall in love with what we make!!

Matra Skin Gourmet

1. Matra Signature Lip Balms - Enriched with Moroccan Gold, The Matra Lip Balm is a revolutionary formula providing for a 360 degree lip care solution throughout the year! 100% Natural and Pure specially made with the Historic Wise Man’s Miracle – Frankincense, Myrrh and Moroccan Gold, Matra Lip Balms will provide the nourishment and moisture needed for a holistic lip care experience!
2. Activated Charcoal Face Pack
3. Activated Charcoal Soap
4. Healthy Feet - Foot Cream
5. Soft Hands, Hand Cream - Milk, Saffron & Honey
6. Oil Free Make-up Remover
7. Purifying Natural Face Wash - Bulgarian Rose
8. Gentle Exfoliating Scrub - Jasmine & Mogra
9. Sunscreen Gel - SPF 50
10. Revitalizing Toner and Freshener - Neem & Basil
11. Detoxifying Charcoal Face Wash for Men

Our Vision

MATRA aims to reap the many benefits and the brilliance of nature to create beauty care and to establish a connect between generations and across borders through a common Sutra of Nature.

We believe in

Staying Young
Healthy Living
Spiritual connection with the self


Because you love yourself and your skin loves the best!!

At Matra, we have invested all our time in understanding every single product that we wish to create. We study the ancient traditions, the present innovations and ingredients to make the very best.  Each product uses the best combination of ingredients sourced from the farms in the Himalayas to the forests in Africa. 

We understand that in the current environment, where even the food products are not 100% pure, it is extremely difficult to trust a brand to produce a pure and natural product. Since we love our skin and we all wish to maintain our teenage skins forever, we believe in investing in the many miracles of nature to create products that will enhance your skin to make it soft and supple.  

We also understand your daily routines and busy lives and hence you don’t have to worry about handling our products. We package them for you in a convenient way too!

Your trust is important for us and we trust ourselves in taking care of your skincare!!